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Remodeling as The Winning Construction Jobs

Remodeling as The Winning Construction Jobs

Construction is simply the process of erection or establishment of buildings or structures. More »


Remodeling as The Winning Construction Jobs

The Common Types Of Construction Jobs And Why Remodeling Is A Winner In The United States

Construction is simply the process of erection or establishment of buildings or structures. Usually, construction is managed by a project manager and supervised by a construction manager, construction engineer or project architect. Well, most people tend to consider construction jobs as low paying jobs, but you would be surprised by how much some of these workers earn. In regards to this, let us take a look at some of the common types of construction jobs in the United States.


Construction Management

Almost everyone tends to believe the myth that those engaged in the blue collar industry don’t earn a lot of money. Well, this particular profession disproves that myth. The average pay of a construction manager is just shy of $94,000. This puts a construction manager at a higher pay bracket than some computer system analysts and even civil engineers.

A construction manager’s role is the overall planning, control as well coordination of a project from the start to completion. Construction project management is aimed at meeting the requirements of a client so as to produce a financially and functionality viable project.

To become a construction manager, one needs a degree in construction science or building science. You will need analytical skills in troubleshooting project problems and some managerial experience. The ever growing population of the United States calls for more houses, office buildings as well as infrastructure and so, it can be a very lucrative profession.


This is a construction area that most of us are probably aware of as many homeowners will regularly need the services of a plumber. Plumbers are usually versed in building codes and blueprints and have the know-how in installation, maintenance and repair of drainage pipes for large septic systems and even small appliances. The employment in the plumbing industry is usually spurred by several factors which include; new building construction, home improvement projects such as the installation of more efficient plumbing systems and troubleshooting plumbing systems in residential and commercial places.

Construction Worker

The good thing about this job is that with little or no experience in the construction industry, a person can easily get hired to do odd tasks such as assisting in loading and unloading of building material, digging ditches, making measurements and cleanups.


However, the lack of formal education requirement or licensing to work makes a construction worker one of the lowliest paid workers in the construction industry. The pay starts at around $10 per hour. However, those who all seasoned and multifaceted get the best opportunities, and the pay is usually better. The average salary for a construction worker is usually just shy off $30,000


This is one of the oldest construction jobs in the industry and also one of the most versatile. A person can choose to work on a smaller scale, that is building frameworks for residential owners or work on a larger scale that includes; fortifying trusses for bridges or insulating high rises for office buildings. The exposure of carpenters to all the components of a construction project makes this profession one of the most secure in the industry. Carpenters with the best chances of employment in the United States will have completed an apprenticeship. The average salary of a carpenter in the United States is $44,000.

Why Home Remodeling Is A Winner in The United States

The reason most of these professions in the construction industry have become so lucrative is the fact that the population is always increasing and so is the need for houses, commercial buildings, offices and roads. This means that there will be more opportunities for jobs in this industry. Visit WWW.cottageindustriesinc.com for more information.

However, there is a new factor that has contributed to this as well and it is home remodeling. An increase in homes means that homeowners across the country will need home improvement services, most notably in plumbing, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and house furnishes. This means that carpenters, construction workers, plumbers, interior designer’s services will always be needed. As such, home remodeling has become a winner in the construction industry.

The Importance of Home Remodeling

  1. Increasing the value of a home.

By remodeling a single room, the value of a house increases by 30%. This could mean great returns if the owner decides to sell it.

  1. Adding comfort.

Home remodeling also involves the addition of new amenities which, give a sense of style and added comfort.

  1. Home remodeling is very beneficial in making residential places energy efficient. This in turns helps the homeowner to save money and energy.
  2. Ensures that homes are in the best quality.

Home remodeling involves the repairs of damaged fixtures and furniture, and this keeps the home at a high-quality condition.